Resisting the Untimely Occurrences of “Baby Fever”

I'm at that stage in life where pregnancy is exploding all around me. Close friends, family, classmates, employees, co-workers, you name it... it feels like everyone is having a baby. I feel the more that I am exposed to all of this pregnancy, the more I start to think... should I be having a baby too? Is my biological clock ticking right now?


I use a Menstrual Cup- Here’s Why You Should Too

Menstrual cups. I'm gonna preach this one until my face is blue. There's a weird stigma around them but they are honestly one of the best products I think you can own as a woman. Our periods are not going anywhere and the menstruation cup seems to make my little monthly occurrence just a little... Continue Reading →

What it Means to Love Yourself

You hear it all the time... "You need to love yourself before you can love anyone else". Okay, super great advice, but how? I distinctly remember trying to google this once and quickly learning that this wasn't something I was going to be able to step by step do on a Wikihow and that was... Continue Reading →

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