You Choose Your Happy

Sometimes I look around and I think... Wow. What went so wrong that we live in a nation filled with so many unhappy humans?


Hot Yoga Was Hot

That's right. It's HOT yoga. Need a reason to find yourself in a hot yoga studio? Read on for some motivational insight to help get you there!

Resisting the Untimely Occurrences of “Baby Fever”

I'm at that stage in life where pregnancy is exploding all around me. Close friends, family, classmates, employees, co-workers, you name it... it feels like everyone is having a baby. I feel the more that I am exposed to all of this pregnancy, the more I start to think... should I be having a baby too? Is my biological clock ticking right now?

Goodbyes and Plane Rides

Airports and I have a love hate relationship. Sometimes they bring me, sometimes they take me. Sometimes they bring him, sometimes they take him. What's the problem with having individual interests and goals? You sometimes have to leave behind the ones you love to reach them. What's that feel like? Any kind of loss has... Continue Reading →

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