Her Morning What?

My favourite mornings are the ones I get to wake up to at my own leisure with absolutely nowhere to be. To find myself lying in a bed of warmth and staring into nothingness while my initial thoughts of the day slowly flow into my mind. Her Morning Exprehermorsso is inspired by these very mornings. I can’t help but question the world that I am waking up into day after day.  I am a soul that loves to be immersed in all the different perspectives that new cultures and experiences have to offer. I have created Her Morning Expresso to share my interests in living a refreshingly natural, minimalist life. It is my hope that my posts will have a positive impact on those who choose to read them. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy Her Morning Expresso as much as I enjoy writing it.

14051559_1814560695440471_1459052097478913375_n Personal Background

My name is Cara Campbell and I am the author behind Her Morning Expresso. Over the past few years since graduating highschool in a small town, I’ve began living somewhat of a nomadic life. After leaving University in my second year, I have gained a new love for constant movement. There is something very exciting about moving to a new place and experiencing everything unique it has to offer. One of my favourite things to do is explore fine dining and good eats among other activities things like nature expeditions and hiking.

I have lived in Alberta for a few years and recently experienced living in Nova Scotia for a few months. My birthplace is Ontario and that is where I will be residing for the summer. I have had the opportunity to drive across Canada… three very long times and have been lucky to dip my toes in most of the provinces in Canada. Last year I was welcomed into the world of backpacking when I travelled with my boyfriend to Southeast Asia for 3 months. I guess you could say I’ve been bit by the travel bug now and we hope to be heading to a different continent this winter. If there’s anything that I’ve learned along the way, it’s that life seems to be predictably, unpredictable and it is absolutely possible to live in a foreign country with only a 32L backpack. So here I am writing about these experiences, the future ones and everything else that seems to find itself in between. Enjoy the reads. 

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