Can I get a one way ticket to a new planet?

The more I travel, the more I realize that there’s nowhere I particularly want to live. How can this be? I’ve seen so many beautiful places?

Well it’s because there’s so much more to it than just seeing a place for it’s outside beauty. Underneath it all, most countries are all the same.

Here are some things that I’ve pondered as to why there’s no place in this world I necessarily want to be permanently apart of.


If you’re in a western society, the land may be in better shape, but the minds of people are just as dirty. Working to make money to acquire more things on stolen land. A ruthless cycle of work, to be overtired, to eat poorly, to use the pharmaceuticals that are easily accessible, to drink the liquor available down the street, to go back to work again. Being convinced that this is the reality of how it has to be, and the only thing that matters in their lifetime. Living life through a screen, constantly scrolling to mask the fact that being alone with ourselves in a society like this, sucks.

Go for Two

And all the while this is happening in western culture, natives of the land are forgotten and fenced away on reserves, driven into the same cycle but with no support or resources other than plentiful liquor stores to numb the pain of their reality. Driving through the Blackfoot reserve between Montana and Southern Alberta was one of the hardest things I’ve ever faced within Canada. And don’t be fooled that this hasn’t happened to many other places around the world, including America.

Here’s 3

Then there’s garbage & land destruction. While visiting a Canadian landfill, have you ever considered that putting waste into one pile is just as bad as letting it be spewed across a country? When I visit other places without recycling resources (native reserves included) I think “wow, there’s so much plastic and waste here”, but I forget that there’s just as much in Canada, we just hide it in one place so we can feel better about ourselves. Although helpful for ecosystems to be in one place, it’s just as equally bad for the environment. And we certainly don’t waste any less than developing countries.

And Four

Then there’s this invisible separation. Over time I’ve noticed that no countries are usually happy for newcomers. And this is somewhat rightfully so as we’ve hurt each other in the past, we’ve been greedy, we’ve tried to steal what’s not ours, we’ve tried to control what’s not meant to be controlled (not just western countries). But with this, all around the world we’ve adapted the “this country is the best without any other cultures added to it”, which is entirely not true. Like a group of old folk who refuse to let young people make any changes to policies because “their way is better and has always worked.” Trump made a comment yesterday that a country without borders is simply not a country. Which isn’t untrue to how some Canadians feel (particularly about refugees and immigrants). But, maybe that’s the problem. These invisible borders we’ve created, are not only with physical land, but with our ideas of how we do or don’t relate to other people. Especially those of different ethnicity, colours and financial need. It’s the biggest lie you’ve been told to believe. Strip your labels, strip the fact that you may be a Canadian. You were a human first, before anyone told you what you were and what to believe and possibly gave you privilege. Be compassionate for your fellow humans, relate to them on a deeper level, not just through opinions and ideas you were taught.

Just think about it

So for me, it’s a catch 22, I’m not particularly impressed with any place on earth. Sometimes I’ve had the urge to get onto a one-way flight to space. Away from all the hurt and damage we’ve caused to our people, to our land. Despite seeing so many places, I also have the unfortunate ability for seeing the underneath picture that every place seems to have, including Canada. If it’s not the sick western culture, it’s poverty, damaged eco systems, political warfare, mass amounts of stray domestic animals and garbage. The point being, don’t be fooled about where you’re living. Whether you live in Canada or not, you can be taught that one society may be perfect, but don’t believe it. Be real and teach yourselves the truths behind the painted the picture. There’s a story behind every beautiful place. And just to reiterate, it’s not that I wouldn’t live in any of these places (because I obviously have to if I’m living on Earth), it’s just that I don’t want to be permanently attached to any of it.

The odd time you will hear of someone on the news trying to live off grid, away from all this madness. On the media you will get a painted picture of how wrong this is, because the government (particularly western culture) can’t have this. It needs its citizens to all be participating in the rat race, contributing to the system, no matter how eco-friendly or self sustaining this home and person living in this way maybe, it has to me made wrong. These people are the ones trying to escape the pain and confusion in our world. Living in peace, taking care of their bodies & land. These are the ones we should be considering as leaders rather than criminals.

Just some food for thought.


Cara xo

3 thoughts on “Can I get a one way ticket to a new planet?

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  1. Excellent! I really can relate to your point of view. I think about where a good place to live might be and I am stumped. I am most disturbed by environmental destruction. Greed from the developed nations and overpopulation from the developing nations, together have ruined the ecosystem; and humans who visualize themselves on top of creation are the cause. Humans have destroyed the world for other organisms, probably irreparably.

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  2. I feel sorry that you are wandering, and will never find that place, those places.
    I have always traveled to experience, explore, to eventually find my place, places.
    To work, spend time, spend life, for no particular end goal, no satisfaction, is pretty sad.
    One day you may have to decide a place, I hope it is sooner than later for you.
    “Rust never sleeps”
    Neil Young🇨🇦


    1. There are many places that I love. However, I will not stay there permanently. I feel more at home in between places. My place is internal, in my soul. And I do not need a physical place to live to feel satisfied with the life in living. Thanks for your comment 🌻


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