Have you Heard of “The Baby Box”? Help Save Babies… It’s FREE!

Over the past few days, I’ve been settling into my new role at the YMCA Calgary. This week I had my first branch meeting and during this meeting, our GM was looking for some staff volunteers to represent our YMCA and help distribute “Baby Boxes” on June 20th.

One of the things I will always commend the YMCA for, is their initiative towards helping their communities.

Up until this meeting, I had no idea what this baby box was all about, but was excited to hear about it since I know the YMCA always has great things up their sleeves. As you’ll know from the sort of material I tend to post on my page, I am all about promoting the good things in our world.

It turns out that “The Baby Box” is actually a Finnish government program that was brought to Northern America a number of years ago. The box is intended for education purposes for all new parents. They specificaly focus on newborn sleeping safety and SIDS related death prevention.

Why This Box Is So Awesome

baby box.jpg
Photo By: Melissa Trainor

This box doubles as a bassinet. The bottom of the box is actually a waterproof covered matress. It can sleep the baby for up to 9 months. The box can be placed in a bed next to the mother or father, on the floor, can be used while parents are away from the infant, it can be used for those who cannot afford a bassinet.

The next best thing… this box is FREE.

You must register to recieve one of these boxes at one of your community locations and then pick it up at a distribution location. But, it is FREE, regardless of social class. 

The Requirements

The requirements for a FREE box only constitute that the registrant must be an expecting parent or have a baby that is the age of 3 months or less.

For how to register or more information please click on the link below.


Below is also a link for new or expecting parents in Ontario. Baby Box has recently paired with Telus which has been an excellent way to make this box more available for more new parents.


Other Perks

Also within this box may include diapers, formula, nursing pads & coupons/gift certificates from local community non-profits such as the YMCA or Food Delievery Box Programs.

Why I Love This Movement

Each person has their own set of circumstances and it is not unknown that some are more fortunate than others. Although this project is not meant specifically for those new parents who may be “in need’, it certainly has the great potential to be used for their benefit. Some women are expecting children that are livng on the streets and with this box, they have atleast a better place to place their child’s head at night. I fully support this movement and I hope that you too will encourage others (including community groups) to participate in it.


For those who have registered for a Baby Box in Calgary, you will find me at the Saddletowne YMCA distribution center for 6-9pm on June 20th. Please spread the word and use the link below on behalf of yourself or someone else who may benefit from this movement.



Thanks for taking the time to learn about this amazing project, that I am deeply passionate about. Please share with your friends and loved ones so we can continue to promote well-informed parents and happy, healthy  babies.

Have a wonderful day!


Cara xo

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