You Only Really Have One Birthday

If anything, a birthday is a checkpoint of reflection to me.

There are years of birthday’s that I could tell you exactly what I did, and where I did it, right off the top of my head.. and why is that? Because I was taught that this day was special and that it was going to be something that I would celebrate for the rest of my life.

22 years ago on September 19, 1995, I was born. I came into consciousness and I am reminded by each year that passes that I have grown older by a certain measurement of time.

But I’ve started to realize more and more that the birth day wasn’t the most important part of it all. The birth day was important on my actual birth date, but after that, it’s been everything that has followed.

Life is the inner goodies between birth and death, but for some reason we chunk up that concept and celebrate year after year with something known as a “birthday”.

I oddly feel like celebrating a birthday actually takes away from the natural flow of life.

In translation, I feel like I am told to pause and recognize that I have just completed another level in life, when really life is just one big level. When I think long enough on it, celebrating a birthday or any event that did’t happen today, doesn’t really make any sense.

Your birthday is the day you are born. After that, you are never born again. And you can never celebrate your actual birthday again. We can appreciate every day that we get to experience consciousness thereafter but truly your birthday does not happen every year like we pretend it does.

I never thought I would ever come around to be one of those people that didn’t understand the celebration of a birthday, I mean it’s obvious isn’t it?, we are celebrating that we lived another year… but is that really an accomplishment? I could choose tomorrow as a special day and say, I lived another day, let’s celebrate!

Many may counter with me that birthday’s are for other people that are happy you are alive and apart of their day.. well this may be true but we don’t need a designated day to do this. Everyday we should be appreciative of all of the people that are alive and conscious that exist in our little worlds, not just on a birthday.

21 was a great year full of mental progression and using the date of September 19, I have been able to checkpoint and reflect on my growth as an individual very easily. It’s taken me quite a while to wrap my head around the falseness of a birthday celebration because naturally I want to argue the opposition. I want to just accept that birthdays are something we should celebrate because we have been told we should, and believe that I deserve gifts for something that happened years ago, that I wasn’t even responsible for.

Always be open to deeper thoughts and appreciate each day of your consciousness, not just once a year.







One thought on “You Only Really Have One Birthday

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  1. I concur with all of this 99%. The other % is from a mothers perspective. Its the celebration of life which is carried forward by birth child. Its not to take away from birth (life) and NOT to take away from the natural flow of life, its to show how important birth of child is, the “Happy Birthday” has been labled by another for centuries as a brain washing, money spending ban boozalment.
    So Why do “I” say happy birthday to my son? That day is and forever will be embedded in my brain. I can not speak for anyone else but saying happy birthay its okay, that is of my human DNA, my way of expression, expressing MY feelings, my gratitude, my unconditional love. A day that allows me to say thank you for saving my life”
    Have a MOTHER try not expressing or saying those words to your child because you believe birthday actually takes away from the natural flow of life, she gave you life of which YOU flow from what you do with that IS up to you.


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