4 Important Day Starting Notes to Self

1. You are Doing Fine

Take a second, look around and just enjoy where you are. It doesn’t matter where that may be. Take a deep breathe in and push your thoughts of comparison and fear of being somewhere that you shouldn’t be, out. Remember that you don’t have to be in a certain place in life to be happy. Everyone moves on their own timeline in life. You are never “behind” in life. Actually, you are always at the very front of the line when it comes to your own.  So relax today, you are doing just fine.

2. You Deserve to Make the Most of Today

You choose how to spend your day today but I believe you owe it to yourself to make the most of each one. Is it a sunny day? Get outside. Have a moment this evening? Look up at the stars. Grab yourself a coffee a and indulge in a Netflix series. Go to the grocery store leisurely, shop, and prepare a home cooked meal for yourself with no time constraints. Do anything. Couch days are healthy sometimes but always remember there is so much out there in our big world. I am always amazed when I simply “take some time to smell the flowers”. All of a sudden I am seeing all the birds and sounds that I was missing when always running around with a purpose, in a hurry. Make the most of the day. When you go to close your eyes at the end of the day, feel good about the fact that this day of your precious life, wasn’t wasted.

3. Your Soul is Beautiful

It doesn’t matter whether you put on makeup today or if your hair is sitting the right way… your soul is beautiful… and always will be. I think sometimes what keeps us from going and ceasing the day is our appearance. “I’ll look funny if I do that”, “I’ll look fat wearing that”, “people will think I’m weird being there”. But the truth is that it doesn’t matter all that much. I see that everyone deep inside has a glowing ember and this ember doesn’t change based on appearance. Put on your comfortable clothing and go do the activities that you love, no matter where they are. Personally, slacklining has really improved my confidence in this way. Once you start falling on your face in front of a park full of people, you start to care a little less about not looking “normal”. I try to appreciate my appearance for the natural one I was given, so usually it’s hair up in a bun and clothes that don’t conceal all of my jiggles. Your soul is beautiful and if you can start to feel that, other people will start to feel it too.

4. You can make a difference in someone else’s day

One of our powers as social beings is having an effect on each human that we encounter throughout our day. We can use this power or abuse this power. It takes essentially nothing to create a positive impact on a person in a given encounter. Take a second now… I have the power to make someone’s day great. With just myself. That’s pretty cool. It takes a conversation, it take’s a story, it takes a mild deviation from your path. It takes a smile. Think back to all of the times someone you have encountered in your day, did something small but it had a huge impact in that moment of your life. You can be that person to someone else. We have so many ways to do this. It could simply be inviting someone who’s sitting alone to eat with you at your table. It could be messaging a long lost friend. It could be providing genuine customer service.. the possibilities are unlimited and you have access to them all under the tip of your finger. Making a difference in someone’s day makes my own better too. So today remember, you have this power. Use it and you will be rewarded.


These four things help me make the most of my day and I hope that they will do the same for you.

Thanks for stopping in, and until next time,


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