It’s Never Too Late to Start Doing These 4 Things


Did someone do you wrong in your past? Are you still holding negativity towards someone even as far back as high school? Maybe your significant other has past sexual relations with someone and you can’t stand the person involved because of it. Today is the day you need to get over it.

Holding onto this negativity not only affects you, but also the surrounding people in your life. Is it easy to get over it? No. We naturally cling to the feeling of resentment, it feeds our little pain bodies inside. It almost feels good to be angry and bash other people. The only thing about this feel good pain is that we become addicted to it and the circle of negativity just repeats itself. How do you forgive? In some cases you can’t actually physically apologize to someone because that would seem weird to them, they might not even know that there is a problem. This is because the conflict is within yourself. To forgive someone, you have to forgive them within yourself. This takes some inner reflection, we need to ask ourselves, did this person really do anything wrong? Then you need to take a second to find something in the situation or person that you can relate to, and find the beauty from within it. You will almost immediately feel the tension release within yourself. Take a second to realize that there are usually no problems existing in the present moment at any time.

After this release you might follow up with my next point. When you can suck in your own pride, and realize you were wrong to hold your negativity, you may even contact the person you’ve held negativity towards asking how they have been or asking for advice that you believe they can offer. It’s a freeing feeling and you might surprise yourself.


You know what feels good? A distant friend messaging you after it’s been a while, asking how you are and catching up, even if it’s just for a small amount of time. We don’t do this enough. The moment you think of someone, let them know you did. Instant messaging makes it so easy to do this. You will be surprised at the domino effect it creates. But don’t do it because you want other people to do it back, do it because you genuinely care about all of these people who are in your life.

We only live a certain amount of years. And in these x amount of years, only certain people will exist at the same time as you. Isn’t that kind of neat? That everyone in the world right now is unique to your life and you have the opportunity to make the best of that. Imagine yourself in a fish bowl with lots of other fish. You have the choice to connect with these other fish or just like a few of them and resent the others. At the end of the day, the fish are going to keep repopulating and you one day will die. Why not make the most of it and appreciate everyone around you?

Show love to people. Make a genuine, thoughtful comment on a picture… send a personal direct message to them, call them up or make plans to visit them. We are all the same inside. Create open invites to everyone for activities you are doing. We don’t need to talk to everyone everyday, but there is beauty between the connections we will make between everyone in our lifetime. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Exploring Your Freedom

We so often get into this sort of ” life” routine. We wake up, eat, go to work, go home and go to bed. All of a sudden it feels like this is all we can do. We make ourselves feel like we have to do certain things. The other night driving home from work I was thinking, wow, the stars are so beautiful tonight. Subconsciously, I kept driving because I had to get back home to get to bed so I could get a good sleep for work the next day… Hold on a second!!! And then it hit me. No one was making me do this. So… I stopped and I got out of my car and I stood in silence for a few minutes staring up into the stars. And for a moment you remember, you can do whatever you want. If you want to go to the lake and sit in the sun by yourself you can. If you want to stay up all night and lay in the grass with your bug net on, uhm you can friggin’ do that too.

It sounds pretty obvious that we have the freedom as adults to carry out our day the way that we wish, but the crazy thing is that we don’t. Teenagers are great at it. If they want to go for a night drive to McDonalds with the speakers blaring with no care about their weekend job the next morning, well they will. But in my adult brain, getting a good nights sleep so I could have a productive day at WORK was more important than watching a beautiful aspect of this big world that I only have limited time to experience. It’s more important than late night intimacy or anything that would throw my personally made schedule off. I am terrible for this and it’s something that I am working on.


Take a look around right now and appreciate. Let this appreciation bubble within yourself and create a glowing happiness. Look at the people who are around you, living, able to interact with you. Appreciate the memories and time you had with those that are no longer with you. Eat your breakfast and appreciate that you have food in the palm of your hands. As you are driving to work, appreciate that you have a job and you have a source of income. When you log into Facebook and look at your friends list, appreciate that all of these people exist at the same time as you within your fish bowl, whether you are close friends or not. Appreciate having a significant other that is just as beautiful on the inside as much as they are out. Appreciate all the lessons you have learned from relationships that didn’t work out. There is so much beauty everywhere and if you look, you will find it all.

      img_5814-1     Life is too Short

Life is too short to be stressed, to hold grudges, to immerse ourselves in anger and jealously. Forgive within yourself, connect with others, show love equally for everyone’s inner soul, take time to explore your freedoms and appreciate everything around you. Choose positivity and happiness. At the end of the day, this is your life and how you feel about other people affects you and your quality of life more than anybody else’s.  Its never too late to start doing anything that will have a positive impact on your day. Have a wonderful week, my next post will be on Sunday, June 4!

Thanks for stopping in and until next time!


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