The University Experience

Welcome to Essex Hall @ the University of Western Ontario, 6 hours away from the lovely place I used to call home. I was first introduced to my biggest nightmare of all, the “RA” for the floor (aka CamHarper7). In all honestly though Cam was incredibly compassionate, really cool and a really reliable friend that I came to seriously rely on at the end of the year and put up with the immense amounts of sass I gave him 24/7. I am unfortunately a very independent person so when I feel like someone is watching me over my shoulder I sometimes react with unnecessary backlash… Sorry Cam! I know you were just doing your job. So people just starting university, befriend your RA’s, they are great resources while you’re away from home & you’ll probably remember them forever.

Enter “Sync”

Sync was my Soph (aka live in friend) who helped his little Essex Eagles fly. I cried to Sync many times about my life and relationships and he was my favourite person to come and talk to when I was having an exceptionally shitty day (as I did often in University). I would sit on his bed while he played his computer games and he did the only thing I needed him to, listen. Oh and obviously his iconic purple bean bag chairs he usually had available were bomb. Probably would have been much more of an emotional mess in university if it weren’t for Sync!

Side Note: Isaac Jacobi literally let me lay in his bed with him the first night in Residence because I was super lonely (you can just imagine the rumours that were started 😉) & he also fell victim to hearing about many of my relationship problems and life drama. Thanks for being there Isaac.

The New Roommates
Yi, Adalia & Kels


I don’t know how… But I was placed in a room with the 3 loudest, late night warriors I have ever met. I literally hated my life. I even asked the building manager multiple times to move rooms… Which now, I am so happy that she never ended up moving me.. But what were they up to at that time of night? Rarely studying. They threw floor parties on Mondays, they popped champagne at 1am… they set the fire alarms off, they squealed, they twerked on the walls….


No I wasn’t kidding, they actually twerked on the walls…
Although they didn’t necessary “like” me at the beginning, these are the people I met that kept me from regretting going to University. Connecting and getting to know these girls was worth every penny of tuition money I spent. I still consider all 3 very good friends of mine and I am incredibly happy too see their continual success. Even though I still believe we are not roommate compatible in anyway, they are very valuable relationships I gained in University. We’ve all cried to eachother about guys, grades and family on multiple occasions and I think there’s a bond there after that, that’s unbreakable. Not to mention the amount of laughter we generated together in that room by the end of the year.

My Home away from Home (Room away from Room Edition)


Emma and her clean, quiet, peaceful room was basically my getaway on my floor from my party animals. Emma was a compatible roommate for me, which I had the pleasure of experiencing in Second Year. The best listener, the best academic advice. She made a pretty good classmate and dinner date to boot, along with Kayla, her roommate who was another special person who helped make my stay at Western an enjoyable one.


Carly & Dal ❤️

Summary of First Year at University- The Truth

It wasn’t what I expected. Even though I was an honour role student in High School and attended University classes regularly I barely skimmed by first year. I had a lot going on between starting and maintaining a long distance relationship and at this point I was really essentially unhappy with myself. I was struggling with mental health, sleeping disorders and I wanted nothing more than to get away from the University as an institution. I left a bad taste in the mouths of the people on my floor at the beginning of the year due to my blunt humour and I had issues on and off with roommate compatibility. Overall though, those relationships seemed to mend by the end of term & I love all of the people I met and lived with on 1North in Essex. If I am lucky I will catch them all on FaceTime eventually. They all played a part in making my choice to go to University the right one!


I was still getting on Cam’s nerves by the end of the year though…

if I wrote about all of the incredible people I met at Western, this page would be a couple days long. I love you all and your ongoing support of me & and I’m so proud of all you guys have accomplished over the past 3 years!

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