My Realistic Mini Guide to Thriving in a Workplace of Hell

Here are 7 things that you may stumble upon when you work for toxic people/workplaces and how to make the best of these exhausting situations.


You Only Really Have One Birthday

If anything, a birthday is a checkpoint of reflection to me. There are years of birthday's that I could tell you exactly what I did, and where I did it, right off the top of my head.. and why is that? Because I was taught that this day was special and that it was going... Continue Reading →

One Month Backpacking Vietnam

During our Asia trip we spent the most time in Vietnam. We ended up spending an entire month there and purchased a motorbike along the way. ย We were also fortunate to experience the Chinese New Year during our travels. Vietnam was one of our favourites and as you continue to read you'll see what made it such a memorable place for us.

Dogs Are Spiritual Leaders

Remember long ago when we first learned the world "role model" and we were asked to choose someone in our life that we looked up to and explain why? Well... I think we all assumed that we had to choose a person because since we are humans, it would be only logical to look up... Continue Reading →

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